Saturday, November 12, 2011

CandyDog- Joy

CandyDogs are a species created by IceKrystal on Deviantart as a bit of a "mock" of the sparkle-animal phenomenon. Though, I really like unnaturally colored animals. They tend to be more interesting than naturally colored ones but that's neither here or there. Joy here's just another design to add to the CandyDog pack.

Really I'd started a design for here years ago but never finished the first one. But I wanted to revisit the design and I think I made it much better both in colors and markings but anatomically as well.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Raion! Tora! Cheetah!

Ra-Ta, Ra-Ta...RaToraTah!

2nd in the series of literal translations of the OOO combos. And probably the easiest of animals to combine since they're all felines. Plus lions and tigers have similar builds though tigers are heftier. Well...they're a tiny bit similar...Considering I could've used a liger or a tigon as a base, cheetah was the one that threw this combo off, but not by much.

I had a previous sketch I'd done of this guy but I decided to redo it and make the anatomy better. And this one turned out better than what I had previously.

Next up on the list to design is literal Tajador.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The same, Blue! Ikenami Ryunosuke!

That title would make much more sense had I drawn ShinkenRed first...

So I figure that I could revisit my idea of drawing all 199 Super Sentai by painting 800 x 800 px. paintings. Plus I wanted to get back in the swing of painting stuff and I felt like drawing a picture of ShinkenBlue so...I did.

Did a bit of a step by step of how this got done too.

1) Sketch. It's really scratchy and even I can barely tell what's going on there. But it didn't need to be tidy since I wasn't relying on line art.

2) Flat color. Pretty self explanatory. Just laying out the basics of his helmet and what's drawn of his suit.

3) Blocking out shading and lighting. Initially I was going to use red lighting but I decided green would look better. That and I have a weakness for lime green. Just kept this part mostly loose. It doesn't need to be very details as that parts saved for the next step.

4) Detailing. Which is the last step. It's just comprised of smoothing out all the colors that were laid out in the previous step by using the color dropper tool and the paintbrush on a low opacity. And...

Voila. The finished product. I guess all I have left to say is...1 down. 198 to go.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Progress Shots- Putotyra Possessed Literal Tatoba

I wanted to draw myself an icon to use for Halloween. This ended up happening instead.

I'd wanted to draw another picture of my Literal Tatoba anyways and this picture was sitting in the back of my mind. There's a scene near the end of Kamen Rider OOO where Eiji is completely overtaken by the Putotyra (Ptera/Pterodactyl, Torikera/Triceratops, Tyranno/Tyrannosaurus) medals. In this state, he blindly changes into the Tatoba combo and instead of that combo having the bright green eyes it usually has, the eyes have turned purple as a result of the influence that Putotyra's having on him.

While I'm designing each of these literal interpretations to be its own being, perhaps the Literal Putotyra (which I still need to design) could have the ability to put others under its control. Or maybe I can just be drawing this for the heck of it. There doesn't really need to be continuity anywhere...but it's more interesting to think about.

Anyways I used a reference for the pose/expression found here.

Basically, this is all the progress done on it today. The sketch, the base layer (blocking out the colors, shading, and lighting), and then the detail layer (smoothing out everything from the base layer). I'm sure there's gonna be one more layer to add small final details that sharpen details here and there, but for the most part I'm just working with those three layers (not counting the two in the background for the border and the black).

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cosplay Fashion (Cyclone/Joker) Complete Design

Well first off, I gotta say that the pose is traced (as shown in the picture above). Drawing people isn't my forte, but for the most part I'm not focusing on the person. I'm just trying to get the outfit designed.

For a better view of the picture click here.

I know most fashion illustration uses really thin models but whatever. I'm not a super thin person and this outfit's for me. So I used a plus sized model. No big deal. All I did was trace her pose. All details were left to me. Normally I don't want to trace anything, but...yeah. When it comes to designing clothes, I might keep using this template or another pose if I find one I like. I want to put all the focus on drawing/designing the clothing and less on trying to make a perfect figure.

That being said...

Completed (mostly) the design for an outfit based on the Cyclone x Joker armor in Kamen Rider W. I still want to add a hat but if I want the hat (which would be a black fedora) to have a ribbon, I don't know what color it would be or how it'd look. So that's left off for now. Or maybe I'll leave it a plain black fedora. I don't know.

I'd love to get my hair styled similar to the way I drew it. Not sure I could pull that style off since my hair's shorter than that.

Initially I made the pants sort of capri like. But I think they're better longer. As for the shoes, I couldn't figure out at first how I wanted them to look. But I found a pair I could model these off of and possibly buy and then paint so they have the colors like they have here. I'm not too keen on open toe shoes, but these didn't look too bad. I knew I wanted to put some detail on the shoes that mirrored the half and half look of the shirt, so the straps on them I could possibly paint to have those details.

Maybe I could put this together for Acen next year. Shouldn't be that difficult to make. Just gotta get the materials and learn how to make a pattern. I really only want to make the scarf and shirt. The pants I could probably buy. Same with the shoes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

MLP Contest Entry- Complete

Final product for the shirt design. The voting doesn't start until Oct. 25 so it's a little while until people can vote on it.

All in all I like how it turned out. Though I would've liked to have captured Rainbow Dash's personality a little better. I think I drew her eye a little too big for her head. She's my favorite pony, but I don't think I did her much justice.

Pinkie Pie turned out the best I think. She the one character that emotes the strongest so it was fun to draw her. She has to be my least favorite character in the series though. She's a bit too hyper, her voice is too annoying, and her actions are a bit too over the top.

Rarity turned out better than I thought she would. I think her personality and beauty is all in her eyes so once I got them colored up, she looked ten times better.

Applejack is a bit hit or miss for me. Drawing the ponies from a front view is difficult. I'm only halfway using the series style in this. And in the show when they're shown from a front view, they end up look a bit too human due to how short their muzzles are. I got it to work, but only a little bit.

It's difficult to mess up Fluttershy. I think no matter how she's drawn, she's always so adorable. So she's very adorable still here.

Twilight Sparkle...I may have drawn her eyes too large as well, but she still turned out looking okay.

And last but not least is Spike. He was the hardest one to fit into the picture. I felt he'd either be close to Twilight or Fluttershy so I decided to put him hanging on Twilight's back. Spike is the only character that I think looks good in his original style of the show. And he's probably my second favorite character.

Once the voting opens up I'll post another entry with the image of the shirt with this picture on it and a link to where you can vote. I figure even if I don't win, at least I tried.

Friday, October 7, 2011

MLP Contest Entry- Flat Color

All the flat colors minus their cutie marks (well the ones where their cutie marks are gonna show). From that angle, Rainbow Dash's tail's a bit awkward but I think it looks okay. I still have to say that Pinkie Pie looks the best here. She's my least favorite character 'cause she's insanely annoying, but she's the one who has the best emotions to draw since she's so happy and hyper.

Tomorrow I'll probably get the rest done. Or most of it. I'll at least get some of the shading done tomorrow. I still don't know how I'm detailing the sky-ish background. Leaving it as the gradient is probably a bit...boring.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

More WIPs

Progress on a image for a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic t-shirt contest. Did my best to fit all 7 of the main characters together. I like how it looks. It's not traditional MLP style. Admittedly, I'm not a giant fan of the art style of the series, but I do like some of the character designs. Particularly Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Then again...I do like brightly colored characters. Applejack's design is wonderful too. I hope people will like it when it's all colored up and submitted. If so, that's great. If not, at least I tried. ^^;

I'm sure this design is probably null and void right now. If the class doesn't want to use it anymore then I suppose I'll keep it and then sell him off or discard him if no one else wants him. Apparently he needs to be more "funny" (whatever that means). I did sketch up a more "humorous" version of him but in all honesty, it's just really stupid. The new one I sketched up that is...I personally like him looking threatening but my opinion counts for nothing.

If anything this class has taught me I will never do art for a job unless I can go by my own rules. So probably selling cosplay parts and props at conventions or something like that. Otherwise I'll just be selfish with my art. It'll be for me and me alone...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Images Currently in Progress

More progress on a request for DaggerLeonelli of her character Akio. No the shading will not end up being this dark. Once I'm done smoothing everything out, I'll change the opacity on the shading layers so that it's at a decent level. I feel bad for taking so long on this picture. It should've been done well before now. But because it's so close to being done plus I love the character and I like how this is turning out, I'll finish it up when I find the time to do so.

I needed to attempt to design some background creatures for my APS class and so since I knew that owls and dogs were animals that hung around the Mayan god Ah Puch, I made a skull dog. But the class wants some more humanoid designs, so this one'll most likely be scrapped. I probably won't even use it for anything. As much as I like animal skulls and animal skull headed creatures, I have no use for a Saluki-skull headed character.

Out of boredom, I wanted to try my hand at making an MLP character retain some of it's cartoony characteristics while making it look more like a pony. While I don't care for the show (I find it no different than a generic children's show), I'll admit that I do like the color palettes used for a lot of the characters and I like their markings/design. Rainbow Dash for one...I do like her colors and markings. So I tried to draw her. It's a different style for me so it's a bit out of my comfort zone. Just a bit. I'm not always used to working in such a cartoony style but it's fun every now and then.

As for something closer to my regular style, I've been trying to figure out which literal OOO combo I wanted to draw next. While I tried to draw Putotyra, I still can't figure out how to mix those three together well (Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus). So it was between Ratoratah and Tajador. Peacock tail feathers throw me off a bit so I might draw that one next. So this is gonna end up being a Literal Ratoratah (Lion, Tiger, Cheetah).

Last but not least is what I've been working on today. A model sheet for my APS's project of the death god loosely based on descriptions of the Mayan death god, Ah Puch. This is really my first model sheet that I think is fairly successful. The side view is all inked. Then I have to do the front and back. And on a separate sheet close ups of his hands and close up views of his face for my friend who's gonna be modeling him.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clothing Design- Kamen Rider W (Cyclone x Joker)

I'm not a fashion person in the least bit nor do I really know how to design clothes. The only sort of clothes I'd have any interest in designing though are ones based around anime, Kamen Rider, or Super Sentai. And while there are other "fashion" type ideas in my head, I went with a simpler one to start out.

I'm not really big on dresses, so that's why this is just a shirt and pants deal (though I do have dress ideas in mind...I find them a little more difficult to design though). It's based on the Cyclone x Joker combination in Kamen Rider W (the green and yellow side is "cyclone" and the black and purple side is "joker"). In all honesty, this shouldn't work at all. And I think the only reason it's "working" as a semi-wearable looking outfit is 'cause the shirt's the only "out there" looking part. I thought about adding details to the pants that would mimic the cyclone/joker look, but...I don't think it would work. Plain black works the best.

I figure that the silver scarf would be optional, but I think it looks pretty. The only two things I haven't drawn out that I would add to this (one which is an accessory and the other is necessary) would be the shoes and the fedora. I think the fedora would just be black with a ribbon around it that's half purple and half either yellow or green. Probably green. As for the shoes, I dunno. That's the hardest part for me to figure out. I want to add some sort of detail to 'em that they'd mimic the cyclone/joker look. I don't mind them being asymmetrical. But I'd like to make sure that you'd know that they're still a pair. I can figure out those later though.

Whenever I solidify the design, I'll probably end up trying to make this. And would probably wear it around too. I don't think it's too awkward of an outfit that people would really find it too "out there". Sure the half and half look of the shirt's a bit odd but that's about it. But I still think it could stand out in a good way too. But most likely, it'd get most of it's use at anime cons of course.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MLP:FIS- Tori no Greeed (Ankh)

So that title...I guess it'd roughly "translate" out to "My Little P"OOO"ny: Friendship is Subarashii!- Tori no Greeed". Just my little way of having fun with it (and being obnoxious with the title). The "friendship is subarashii" thing I didn't come up with. That first part came from this image: My Little P"OOO"ny: Friendship is Subarashii!!!!!!!!

Which was also the reason I felt like drawing Ankh (the "tori no greeed) as a pony. Now I'm sure there's some person who'll just be like "ugghhh! Not another MLP fan!". In all honesty, I don't understand the show's popularity. The art style is sub-par. I really don't like it. It's flat and uninteresting. The animation is sub-par. The voices range from being decent to being extremely annoying (which it is for most of the characters). And the jokes/writing are/is boring even for a children's show's standards. It's just another standard child's show and I don't think it warrants the overwhelming popularity that it has. That being said...I couldn't resist drawing Ankh-chan as a pony.

Couldn't figure out if I was going to give him no wings, one wing, or both wings. Technically he could be drawn either way. Generally in OOO, since he's using Shingo's body, he just looks like a regular person. Once he got 3 of his cores back, he was shown with one wing that easily broke due to his body being unstable. And when Lost Ankh was destroyed and he had 6 of his cores, he was shown with both wings.

So in the color picture he only has one wing. Not only does the one wing aesthetic appeal to me but that scene is one of my favorites in the series. The sketch I attempted to draw both wings but drawing wings at that angle is always difficult for me so I can't say that it isn't because I didn't draw the other wing properly. Since it wasn't well drawn, I figured it'd be best if I just went for the one wing aesthetic.

The second thing I had to figure out was the "cutie mark" (I think that's what it's called). It was between his three medals and a popsicle. Why a popsicle? 'Cause it's generally the only thing he eats in the show. And he really likes them. Since I couldn't decide between the two I just gave him both.

I discarded this first sketch for the fact that the proportions were way off. Limbs were too long. Face wasn't "toony" enough. I just didn't like it but I decided to save it to show that sometimes I do draw with some sort of process involved.

This was closer to what I wanted but still the proportions weren't "toony" enough. For this one I decided to draw him without the wings. Just wanted to see how it looks and it looks fine. But I do like the wings. So decided to make a third sketch and that one ended up being the "charm".

I don't know if I want to draw any of the other characters as ponies. Really the only character I wanted to draw as one was Ankh and that was just "for the lulz".

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feline Tail Designs and Sewn Tail 1

I don't know how to sew much other than tails so knowing how popular they are in the anime and furry fandoms, I figured that 1) I'd attempt to design some eye catching tail designs and 2) see if I could sew these detailed designs. I did upload them elsewhere for feedback and got some interesting feedback on what people would find interesting or not. So I ended up narrowing down the list from here. While natural animal designs will probably sell better if I wanted to sell tails in bulk. But in general I like these "sparkle"/rave designed critters. So some of them I'm making for myself.

Like that first one on the line up. Finished up that tail today. Underestimated how long it would take to sew and how "annoying" cutting and sewing small spots and stripes could be, but it was still fun and I'm pretty happy with how it looks. The shape could be a bit better but with my next tail I can get the shape down better. It's curved a bit much at the top but the rest of the tail looks fine.

Once I get some lime green fur, I'll end up sewing number 2 on that line up, the even more detailed tiger tail. Though considering I still have some rust, cream, white, and black fur, I might end up making tail number 9. And will the amount of yellow fur I still have, I might make one of number 6 (though I'm holding off on using too much yellow until I finish the digitigrade legs for my Kyuubimon 3/4 partial suit).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nyan Cat WIP 1

Okay...while I did put a bit more color on this after I did this tiny bit, I didn't feel like saving another WIP so I just left it at this.

While I doubt I'll finish it in time for Attack of the Show's art contest, I needed an excuse to draw Nyan Cat. Just because. It's not my favorite meme, but it's a cute character. And an interesting one to try to make semi-realistic. Cat with a pop-tart body? Sure...I'll try it out. So just got a little bit of the colors marked out and of course that trademark rainbow. Can't have Nyan Cat without the rainbow, you know?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Akio WIP- Inks and "Blocking"

His hair in human form killed me! Figuratively speaking of course or else I wouldn't be writing this. While I need practice on drawing nice flowing hair that won't take forever and a day to ink purely due to it's length...and the flowing. I expect that the shading will also take quite a bit of time. But hopefully not nearly as long as actually fixing with those lines.

So far so good though. I wished I got more done on this than just this little bit here but it's better than no progress.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Akio WIP- Sketch

Progress of a request for DaggerLeonelli/Majime of her Shiba Inu character, Akio. I just wanted to draw him in both humanoid form and Shiba Inu form. 'Cause his humanoid form is very pretty. That and I don't draw people nearly enough.

Wanna see how much of this I can get done today. This is almost gonna be double the work of any of my last few pictures 'cause this is separated out into the dog Akio layers and the human Akio layers. Each part is almost gonna be like it's own separate entity in a way. I should be able to at the least get through the lines for both parts. Lines and shading always take me the longest so I'll see how much time this takes up before I get tired.

Art Trade and CatDog Chibi

First up, an art trade with Rileyy on FA of her fursona, Riley. Really I had opened up a slot for one request on Twitter to get used to drawing with my tablet since I don't have a scanner with me. But turned it into an art trade. But I ended up taking two "requests" anyways. The second one should be done today. I think what I don't like about the process of drawing directly on photoshop is the sketching. My sketches don't turn out nearly as clean but on the flipside, they get finished so much quicker.

Second is yet another CatDog drawing. Partially for tablet drawing practice, partially to not be bored. Not to fond of Dog's eyes here though...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taka! Tora! Batta!

Tatoba...Tatoba, Tatoba!

Finally finished with this. Stripes and shading gave me trouble, but yeah. Finished! Time permitting I should give some of the other medal combos a shot. Definitely the "Tajador" (Hawk, Peacock, Condor) combo. And one...lion, tiger, and cheetah...think that one was called "Ratorah" or something like that. Also definitely Pterosaur, Triceratops, Tyrannasaurus Rex (Putotyra...right?...I should really remember these combo names better...) one. But that's for later.

This has to be the most intricate character design I've ever made. And the most colorful. And I can't even claim it as a fully original character...

Tatoba WIP 2- Flat Colors Finished

Those tiger stripes are such a pain but turned out much more gorgeous than I thought they would. And really helped blending the three colors together much better than I thought it would. Red, yellow, and, green...I didn't know how well I could get them to work together, but as it is, I actually like it a lot. Granted it also reads "Jamaican" a little bit.

Just gotta add in the shading detail for the eyes and it should be done. Hopefully that'll be done in a few hours...hopefully. ^^; I'm sure it won't take as long as drawing all those stripes did.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finished Commission and Tatoba WIP

Really was hoping to get that WIP image finished by the end of the day but had to do more shopping for stuff I need before I leave for LA on Sunday. Long story poor mood from a few days ago ended up coming back and I'm tired. But I got a good start on it.

Anyways, first picture is a chibi commission for Grizzlybane on FurAffinity (FA). Chibis are always fun to draw 'cause...they're so adorable.

Second picture is that progress shot. It's pretty much what happened after watching way too much Kamen Rider OOO. Not gonna really get into details about what the show is about, but the "default" combination for OOO is called "Tatoba", a name created by combining together the names of the animals that the Rider armor and abilities are based off of:

"Taka" which means "hawk". Which is the head of OOO costume.

"Tora" which means "tiger". Which is the torso of OOO costume.

"Batta" which means "grasshopper". Which are the legs of OOO costume.

It was my "brilliant" idea to try to create a critter by actually combining all three of those animals as well as using the main color combination for the Tatoba combo, red, yellow, and green (as well as black). Hawk and tiger are easy to combine. Pretty much you get a wingless gryphon with that combination. Grasshopper threw it off a bit for me though. I couldn't figure out how to make the grasshopper legs completely work with the body so I modified the legs a bit more than I really wanted to in order to make it work. They're a mix of tiger and grasshopper...ish. Tiger since they're still covered in fur and are facing the direction tiger legs face. Grasshopper for the length and the feet.

If I weren't trying to mimic the set up of the OOO outfit with the critter's design, I probably could've made the anatomy a bit more fluid. But I wanted to mimic the set up of OOO costume.

Only the facial and neck markings are done so far. I've really got to blend those colors a bit more while still keeping the red, the yellow, and the green distinct. Hopefully I'll finish it...later on today (it's's "tomorrow" already).

I gotta try my hand at animal-izing some of the other OOO combos. I definitely want to try my hand at making an animal version of my personal favorite combo, Tajador (Taka/Hawk, Kujaku/Peacock, Condor).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finished Drawings for Today

In between teaching myself random songs from Super Sentai series and Kamen Rider OOO on violin, here's two finished drawings from today. First up a Swoobat/Kokoromori, a pokemon from the Black/White series. The sketch was done over spring break. I just finally got to coloring it recently and finishing it today though. The way this creature is originally looks a bit like a puffball. And while it's cute, I wanted to make a more "realistic" form for it (while still keeping it cute of course). I don't draw bats a lot so drawing it was a bit fun. The wings can be a bit annoying to draw though.

Second picture is a commission for GhostBlackBurn on of he and his girlfriend's fursonas and little lion/wolf pups. The whole overweight character thing can be cute when it's not overdone, and this was pretty cute to draw. My favorite part of it has to be Ghost's (the lion) expression. That was the best part to draw.

I might finish up a 3rd image, a chibi commission for Grizzlybane also on FurAffinity. And if that one isn't done tonight, it'll definitely be done tomorrow.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Draw-a-day: Days 3 and 4

My "draw a day" challenge is kinda falling apart. Mostly on my part due to disinterest in drawing anything. Due to emotional instability...but anyways...

There should be a lot more drawings than this but still...First one is of a character I haven't drawn in a long time named Avariya. It's her smaller form which looks a bit like a Corgi/Husky mix. She's got a larger form too in which her wings are attached to her body and she looks like a very large (giant) Malamute mix. I gave her quite a bit of design/marking touch ups from the last time I drew her. Sadly I don't have that much of my old art of her...

Second is of the illusion pokemon Zorua. Not the best thing I've ever drawn...not even close. But I need to get used to not being such a perfectionist which is actually very difficult for me. Aside from the glowing eyes, I don't like this one at all.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Draw-a-day: Days 1 and 2

So I wanted to do my best with a "Draw a day" challenge. Just to draw something everyday. Technically this would be day 3 and due to weekend plans I probably won't get my next picture done until Sunday, but just wanted to see what I can get done in a day. And how much I can get done in a day.

Both of these are characters I "bought" using the points system on Deviantart. The picture on top is the finished product of Day 2. An unnamed Fennec Fox. I'm really partial to those markings, especially the facial markings. Maybe I could make a mask of it one day. It might be a fun challenge.

The bottom character is a Jackalope in which it's color scheme was described as "Neon Panda". As a sucker for a blue and green color scheme, I had to "buy" this guy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kyuubimon- 90% Finished

Well I got it up to 95% finished by time for Acen.

My fursuit mask for my Kyuubimon cosplay. I strived to have at least a 3/4 partial in time for Anime Central this year, but that plan didn't go like I wanted it to. However I did have the hand paws, mask and 9 tails ready for the con. My plan is to finish the 3/4 partial in time for MFF this November. Which consists of finishing the digitigrade legs, the feet, and the ribbon-bell deal that goes around her neck.

I do have some touch ups that I'd like to do on the head. Maybe sculpt some teeth to go in her mouth. And also to add some white fur to the inside of the ears just to cover up the rough yellow fabric edges. For other parts of the costume, I'd like to fix up the hand paws a bit. Possibly by shaving down the fur a bit so it's much shorter as well as adding in pawpads and sculpted claws.

Once I get the costume done in full, I'll post a picture of that.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Promotional Art" for my class' animation project. You know...other than a few potential touch ups I'd want to do with the beasts teeth or the butterfly's body, I'm kinda happy with this. I'll do those touch ups later though. I'm pretty much finished with this for right now. When it comes time to make a finished poster for this, then I'll add in all the other touch ups as well as the movie's title.

The title "Suri Umech" (which is supposedly the title of our project) means something like "to shed one's skin" if I'm remembering it right.

Considering this is just promotional art for our project, I'm pretty sure it's safe to upload it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Suri Umech Poster- WIP 2

Hopefully I'll be done with this before anime club. No, I will be done with this before anime club.

I'm just smoothing out the details now. Still on the beast though. I did outline the butterfly so that will get colored up today. The fact that all the textures are smooth and the makes this a bit faster to paint than other images. That and the creature's body is fading into black.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Suri Umech Poster- WIP 1

Part of a poster design or "concept art" for my animation production studio's film. I'm not quite sure how brilliant it is to post things relating to APS on my blog. But since it's a WIP plus it's not "ruining" the film, I believe it's fine.

Only a result of an hour or so's work. I think the difficulty will come in when I have to "evenly" make the beast fade to black. So eventually the blue and orange lighting will be lightened some.

Blocking out light sources was definitely the most useful skill I've learned. And makes painting using various colors and lighting more fun.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Repeater Progress

The product of about 2 or so days work on this Repeater plus Torchwood vs. Road Cone Zombie picture. I've really just worked on the Repeater so far (and it's still not done).

So far, this is good practice for shading and lighting. And perspective (but since I just made a cut out of this part you can't really see it)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2 WIP's

1) A bit more Plants vs. Zombies fan art. A Repeater and Torchwood against a Road Cone Zombie. Repeater plus Torchwood is my favorite combination (aside from Gatling Pea plus Torchwood) and Road Cone Zombie...well...Road Cones protect his head!

There's very little "epic" fan art for this game so I thought I'd try my hand at it. At the least this gives me some good practice with lighting and perspective, two things I don't bother with nearly enough. This'll also be good texture practice. I've gotten the texture of grass and bark nearly down. Leaves, smooth textures, clothing, and fire are textures that definitely need some work.

I just hope all my light sources stay clear and done end up becoming muddled together.

2) A gijinka/humanoid version of my Girafarig pokesona (she doesn't have a name just yet). Just drew this one up recently as practice for "humans" (though she's not completely human...'tis just my little loop-hole for drawing people).

Definitely a drastically different color scheme here. I'm aiming for a sunset or sunrise sort of look.

Despite my discomfort with drawing people, I'm rather proud of how her pose turned out.

Hopefully I can finish both of these pictures within the week. I'll work on them one at a time though. I just kept going back and forth between the two because I really wanted to get some color down on both sketches.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Puppy Conan Sculpt WIP

I'm not a CG artist in the least bit. But after seeing a lot of my favorite artists playing around with a sculpting program called "Sculptris", I wanted to try it. Unfortunately it isn't compatible with Macs yet. So I downloaded a program called Blender instead. Really all I wanted to do was sculpt stuff. I don't have any interest in learning to do 3D animation (or rather I have very little interest in doing so.

So as a slight reference for a future fursuit "cosplay", I started sculpting a 3D model of what my Puppy Conan mask might look like (minus the moving jaw). So far this is what I've got minus the hair. And the hair is giving me the most trouble. Mostly because I've been working with symmetry so far and his hair is asymmetrical. But I did sculpt out the back of his hair well. We'll have to see what happens with the front of it.

V for Victory

Victini...not one of my favorite pokemon. In fact, I really don't like it's design too much. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't draw it again though. Because drawn outside of Ken Sugimori style, Victini's a bit bearable. I'll admit it's a cute pokemon though.

I still wanna get him in the game though...darned Nintendo wi-fi...

We don't want Zombies on our lawn...

Took a few Plants vs. Zombies related commissions on FurAffinity a while ago. I offered to draw people's fursonas as different plants in the game. The army's quite small for now. Hopefully in the future it'll grow larger. How else will we defeat those pesky zombies?


1) Repeater Sombra (not a commission, done for fun. Sombra's mine)
2) Melon-Pult Ty
3) Chomper Jackal
4) Winter Melon Minnie
5) Kernel-Pult Katzy
6) Threepeater Terra