Friday, October 14, 2011

Progress Shots- Putotyra Possessed Literal Tatoba

I wanted to draw myself an icon to use for Halloween. This ended up happening instead.

I'd wanted to draw another picture of my Literal Tatoba anyways and this picture was sitting in the back of my mind. There's a scene near the end of Kamen Rider OOO where Eiji is completely overtaken by the Putotyra (Ptera/Pterodactyl, Torikera/Triceratops, Tyranno/Tyrannosaurus) medals. In this state, he blindly changes into the Tatoba combo and instead of that combo having the bright green eyes it usually has, the eyes have turned purple as a result of the influence that Putotyra's having on him.

While I'm designing each of these literal interpretations to be its own being, perhaps the Literal Putotyra (which I still need to design) could have the ability to put others under its control. Or maybe I can just be drawing this for the heck of it. There doesn't really need to be continuity anywhere...but it's more interesting to think about.

Anyways I used a reference for the pose/expression found here.

Basically, this is all the progress done on it today. The sketch, the base layer (blocking out the colors, shading, and lighting), and then the detail layer (smoothing out everything from the base layer). I'm sure there's gonna be one more layer to add small final details that sharpen details here and there, but for the most part I'm just working with those three layers (not counting the two in the background for the border and the black).

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