Sunday, March 29, 2009

I needed to add in my plan for a background here. So I looked at a few pictures. Most of them had fox kits playing or laying in tall grasses. So that's what I'm choosing to use here. Initially I was going to add in a fox/wolf den back there so it doesn't look like she wandered too far away from home since she's a baby.

I planned on having this finished in time for Anime Central so I could have something else to sell there. Unfortunately, due to the picture's complexity, I don't think that's a possibility. So I'll just continue working on this slowly. I do want to add in her eyes soon. It just looks weird without them. But I do love how this is coming along.

Monday, March 16, 2009


For my storyboard concept and development class's final project, we have to create a Leica reel for something we hope to turn into a full animation. I chose to create a storyboard for the song "Hero's Come Back" by +nobodyknows from Naruto Shippuuden.

These are the first two. Something to just start me off before I really get started with my final storyboards. These'll probably change a lot for the finished product. My main idea for this was to not create a full story nor animation based on the words of the song. The song's in Japanese anyways. But I wanted to create something based on the mood of it. Hero's Come Back has a pretty upbeat tempo and I always think of a battle when I hear it. That might be some of the influence from Naruto, but I think a fight sequence would go great with this. So basically there's going to be somewhat of an epic battle between my evil characters and a bunch of good characters (some that belong to me and others that do not). This is also gonna double as a gift for some people I consider friends and inspirations. Unfortunately because I think this is going to be difficult enough as it is, I don't think that I could put in everyone and everything that I would want to, but that's okay because I have some more ideas in mind that I could use.

My teacher warned that if I did make an animation out of this that I wouldn't be able to show it off (except maybe as a portfolio piece). I was aware of this, and I'm just using this as an exercise in timing and movement. I do want to make something to go along with the song CaramellDansen as an exercise in lip sync...but perhaps later.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Realistic Vulpix for the Newbie

So I just joined up here 'cause I've lurked around and I like the site layout so I decided to join it. This'll be my site for all my better works as well as stuff I'm working on for animation in terms of storyboards and character designs. So for my first post is the current thing I'm painting: a realistic baby Vulpix.

I may be 19 but I still love pokemon for the sheer fact that they are extremely fun to draw realistically. Vulpix is one of the easier ones to render, but I hope to try my hand at some of the more difficult ones. I had a lot of references for this 'cause I haven't drawn a realistic fox before. But it was a little difficult at first to try to figure out how to render the fur. I used photos as well as 2 tutorials to try it out and I'm really happy with how it's looking so far. For people familiar with pokemon and particularly the pokemon Vulpix, you may (or not) be wondering about why she doesn't have 6 tails. Well I was reading some of the game descriptions of this pokemon and they say that baby Vulpix are born with only one purely white tail and as it grows it splits into 6. So I decided to play off of that and draw a Vulpix with a mostly white tail that's partially split in two.