Sunday, October 9, 2011

MLP Contest Entry- Complete

Final product for the shirt design. The voting doesn't start until Oct. 25 so it's a little while until people can vote on it.

All in all I like how it turned out. Though I would've liked to have captured Rainbow Dash's personality a little better. I think I drew her eye a little too big for her head. She's my favorite pony, but I don't think I did her much justice.

Pinkie Pie turned out the best I think. She the one character that emotes the strongest so it was fun to draw her. She has to be my least favorite character in the series though. She's a bit too hyper, her voice is too annoying, and her actions are a bit too over the top.

Rarity turned out better than I thought she would. I think her personality and beauty is all in her eyes so once I got them colored up, she looked ten times better.

Applejack is a bit hit or miss for me. Drawing the ponies from a front view is difficult. I'm only halfway using the series style in this. And in the show when they're shown from a front view, they end up look a bit too human due to how short their muzzles are. I got it to work, but only a little bit.

It's difficult to mess up Fluttershy. I think no matter how she's drawn, she's always so adorable. So she's very adorable still here.

Twilight Sparkle...I may have drawn her eyes too large as well, but she still turned out looking okay.

And last but not least is Spike. He was the hardest one to fit into the picture. I felt he'd either be close to Twilight or Fluttershy so I decided to put him hanging on Twilight's back. Spike is the only character that I think looks good in his original style of the show. And he's probably my second favorite character.

Once the voting opens up I'll post another entry with the image of the shirt with this picture on it and a link to where you can vote. I figure even if I don't win, at least I tried.

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