Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ankh (if he were in the TLK universe)

So I love messing around with my favorite characters and turning them into various animals.  It's what I do.  It's probably why if there were a fan art license mine would be revokes rather quickly.

But I couldn't resist imagining Kamen Rider OOO characters in the TLK universe.  People make pony versions of characters.  I think TLK versions are a bit more fitting.

And I figured that if Ankh were in the TLK universe not only would he obviously be a bird like creature (because he's a bird type Greeed), he'd be a cheetah.  Something about his looks screamed "cheetah" to me.  Not just regular cheetah, but king cheetah.  I think it's really just Ryouske Miura's facial features and figure.  He's really slender.  It just registered as feline to me.  Because I'm weird, for why king cheetah...I dunno.  I really like the spots and stripes on king cheetahs.

But...of course this meant that automatically Shingo has to be a cheetah too.  And by default if I were ever to draw Hina in the TLK universe, she'd have to be a cheetah too.  It's kinda hard to characterize Shingo though 'cause he's...rather bland in looks.  He's an adorable person but the hair and everything is very bland.  There's 3 things that really characterize Ankh well...

1) His hair.  There's really none other like it.
2) His eyes.  Not really color wise (though I usually just take the liberty and make them more on the red side anyways).  But his expressions and the thicker black outline around them is what I mean here.
3) And this is really optional but the hand...the part of him that's actually him.

But for Shingo, there's nothing.  His hair is dull, his eyes are standard.  So Shingo's only Shingo because he's got the same markings as cheetah Ankh.

I think I might do some of these things to the other characters.  I know I'd make Eiji a lion.  But I don't want to make everyone lions so I don't know what I'd do with the other characters.


I held an art raffle on Fur Affinity and this is the prize for the winner of the auction, Krystal_Aristokats.  This is the most detailed outfit I've drawn on a character to date.  Mostly 'cause I've been on a cosplay dress design kick.  I should scan those in also and upload them.  In a little while I suppose.

Please Don't Cry...

This was a bit of vent art that I did a little while ago.  Since I didn't post it when I originally finished it, I don't think I'll write the entire venting sequence here.  So it's just Literal Tatoba comforting a very sad Sombra.

Yes I did redesign Sombra but I think I'm gonna keep old Sombra around for a little bit for more vent type art like this.

Design Practice

Design practices.  Just playing around with drawing various dog breeds and messing around with colors and markings.

I don't believe I have anything to do with these characters so I may try selling them off.  That or I'll find things to do them. 

I think my favorite of the three is the Rough Collie.  That one turned out the best.

Group of Commissions

Various commissions that I've finished in the past few weeks. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fursuit Ref: Literal Tatoba

After I'm done making Biyomon, this is the next costume I'll be making.  I want to have it done in time for Midwest Furfest and granted I get everything done in time I should be able to make this one for that.  I'd hope I could have the OOO Driver by then too but not having great communication so far with the person I need to commission in order get a modified driver.

In the end I hope the leg padding won't be really awkward.  The way I planned this out, the only body padding will be on the backside and the front of the leg.  It isn't really "digitigrade padding" because he doesn't stand digitigrade unless he's running or a non-anthro,  Anthro form he stands more plantigrade.  The most similar thing I could relate it to (other than a grasshopper...who's legs are actually backwards) would probably be a kangaroo.

Anyways, had to simplify the stripes because my body is short and "stubby".  Plus to sew as many stripes as I had on the original version that's not gonna work.  So less stripes but same feel to it.  That nice wavy look.  Even on the tail the stripes are simplified but I think it gives the same sort of feel and you won't mistake the character for someone else's.  Stripes are just one of those things that it's hard to keep even.  If I were to commission someone for their version of him, I'd probably just tell them that they can do whatever with his stripes so long as they keep the same basic flow of colors (especially from the yellow to the green).  But for now, this is how I'm gonna make him.

I think the hardest part other than keeping the spots even (in actuality the body suit might be the easiest part to make), would probably be the feet/legs and the head.  I need to figure out how I'm adding in those feelers.  And the "spikes" on the back of his legs.

Anyways, I still need to make a ref for his arms and that's about it.  His markings are symmetrical so I don't really need a full...everything view.  I can figure out the rest fairly easily.

Commission: Gabriel

Commission for Twilight Master on FA of his character Gabriel.

Ended up saving two versions.  The one on bottom is initially how I paired the background colors with the character.  The one on top is what the customer liked better.  He wanted a Chinese New Year/Year of the Dragon theme and the red and gold worked better.  After looking at it for a while, that background looks nicer than what I'd initially made anyways.