Monday, October 24, 2011

The same, Blue! Ikenami Ryunosuke!

That title would make much more sense had I drawn ShinkenRed first...

So I figure that I could revisit my idea of drawing all 199 Super Sentai by painting 800 x 800 px. paintings. Plus I wanted to get back in the swing of painting stuff and I felt like drawing a picture of ShinkenBlue so...I did.

Did a bit of a step by step of how this got done too.

1) Sketch. It's really scratchy and even I can barely tell what's going on there. But it didn't need to be tidy since I wasn't relying on line art.

2) Flat color. Pretty self explanatory. Just laying out the basics of his helmet and what's drawn of his suit.

3) Blocking out shading and lighting. Initially I was going to use red lighting but I decided green would look better. That and I have a weakness for lime green. Just kept this part mostly loose. It doesn't need to be very details as that parts saved for the next step.

4) Detailing. Which is the last step. It's just comprised of smoothing out all the colors that were laid out in the previous step by using the color dropper tool and the paintbrush on a low opacity. And...

Voila. The finished product. I guess all I have left to say is...1 down. 198 to go.

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