Friday, April 29, 2011

Suri Umech Poster- WIP 1

Part of a poster design or "concept art" for my animation production studio's film. I'm not quite sure how brilliant it is to post things relating to APS on my blog. But since it's a WIP plus it's not "ruining" the film, I believe it's fine.

Only a result of an hour or so's work. I think the difficulty will come in when I have to "evenly" make the beast fade to black. So eventually the blue and orange lighting will be lightened some.

Blocking out light sources was definitely the most useful skill I've learned. And makes painting using various colors and lighting more fun.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Repeater Progress

The product of about 2 or so days work on this Repeater plus Torchwood vs. Road Cone Zombie picture. I've really just worked on the Repeater so far (and it's still not done).

So far, this is good practice for shading and lighting. And perspective (but since I just made a cut out of this part you can't really see it)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2 WIP's

1) A bit more Plants vs. Zombies fan art. A Repeater and Torchwood against a Road Cone Zombie. Repeater plus Torchwood is my favorite combination (aside from Gatling Pea plus Torchwood) and Road Cone Zombie...well...Road Cones protect his head!

There's very little "epic" fan art for this game so I thought I'd try my hand at it. At the least this gives me some good practice with lighting and perspective, two things I don't bother with nearly enough. This'll also be good texture practice. I've gotten the texture of grass and bark nearly down. Leaves, smooth textures, clothing, and fire are textures that definitely need some work.

I just hope all my light sources stay clear and done end up becoming muddled together.

2) A gijinka/humanoid version of my Girafarig pokesona (she doesn't have a name just yet). Just drew this one up recently as practice for "humans" (though she's not completely human...'tis just my little loop-hole for drawing people).

Definitely a drastically different color scheme here. I'm aiming for a sunset or sunrise sort of look.

Despite my discomfort with drawing people, I'm rather proud of how her pose turned out.

Hopefully I can finish both of these pictures within the week. I'll work on them one at a time though. I just kept going back and forth between the two because I really wanted to get some color down on both sketches.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Puppy Conan Sculpt WIP

I'm not a CG artist in the least bit. But after seeing a lot of my favorite artists playing around with a sculpting program called "Sculptris", I wanted to try it. Unfortunately it isn't compatible with Macs yet. So I downloaded a program called Blender instead. Really all I wanted to do was sculpt stuff. I don't have any interest in learning to do 3D animation (or rather I have very little interest in doing so.

So as a slight reference for a future fursuit "cosplay", I started sculpting a 3D model of what my Puppy Conan mask might look like (minus the moving jaw). So far this is what I've got minus the hair. And the hair is giving me the most trouble. Mostly because I've been working with symmetry so far and his hair is asymmetrical. But I did sculpt out the back of his hair well. We'll have to see what happens with the front of it.

V for Victory

Victini...not one of my favorite pokemon. In fact, I really don't like it's design too much. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't draw it again though. Because drawn outside of Ken Sugimori style, Victini's a bit bearable. I'll admit it's a cute pokemon though.

I still wanna get him in the game though...darned Nintendo wi-fi...

We don't want Zombies on our lawn...

Took a few Plants vs. Zombies related commissions on FurAffinity a while ago. I offered to draw people's fursonas as different plants in the game. The army's quite small for now. Hopefully in the future it'll grow larger. How else will we defeat those pesky zombies?


1) Repeater Sombra (not a commission, done for fun. Sombra's mine)
2) Melon-Pult Ty
3) Chomper Jackal
4) Winter Melon Minnie
5) Kernel-Pult Katzy
6) Threepeater Terra