Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clothing Design- Kamen Rider W (Cyclone x Joker)

I'm not a fashion person in the least bit nor do I really know how to design clothes. The only sort of clothes I'd have any interest in designing though are ones based around anime, Kamen Rider, or Super Sentai. And while there are other "fashion" type ideas in my head, I went with a simpler one to start out.

I'm not really big on dresses, so that's why this is just a shirt and pants deal (though I do have dress ideas in mind...I find them a little more difficult to design though). It's based on the Cyclone x Joker combination in Kamen Rider W (the green and yellow side is "cyclone" and the black and purple side is "joker"). In all honesty, this shouldn't work at all. And I think the only reason it's "working" as a semi-wearable looking outfit is 'cause the shirt's the only "out there" looking part. I thought about adding details to the pants that would mimic the cyclone/joker look, but...I don't think it would work. Plain black works the best.

I figure that the silver scarf would be optional, but I think it looks pretty. The only two things I haven't drawn out that I would add to this (one which is an accessory and the other is necessary) would be the shoes and the fedora. I think the fedora would just be black with a ribbon around it that's half purple and half either yellow or green. Probably green. As for the shoes, I dunno. That's the hardest part for me to figure out. I want to add some sort of detail to 'em that they'd mimic the cyclone/joker look. I don't mind them being asymmetrical. But I'd like to make sure that you'd know that they're still a pair. I can figure out those later though.

Whenever I solidify the design, I'll probably end up trying to make this. And would probably wear it around too. I don't think it's too awkward of an outfit that people would really find it too "out there". Sure the half and half look of the shirt's a bit odd but that's about it. But I still think it could stand out in a good way too. But most likely, it'd get most of it's use at anime cons of course.

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