Thursday, June 9, 2011

Draw-a-day: Days 3 and 4

My "draw a day" challenge is kinda falling apart. Mostly on my part due to disinterest in drawing anything. Due to emotional instability...but anyways...

There should be a lot more drawings than this but still...First one is of a character I haven't drawn in a long time named Avariya. It's her smaller form which looks a bit like a Corgi/Husky mix. She's got a larger form too in which her wings are attached to her body and she looks like a very large (giant) Malamute mix. I gave her quite a bit of design/marking touch ups from the last time I drew her. Sadly I don't have that much of my old art of her...

Second is of the illusion pokemon Zorua. Not the best thing I've ever drawn...not even close. But I need to get used to not being such a perfectionist which is actually very difficult for me. Aside from the glowing eyes, I don't like this one at all.

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