Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feline Tail Designs and Sewn Tail 1

I don't know how to sew much other than tails so knowing how popular they are in the anime and furry fandoms, I figured that 1) I'd attempt to design some eye catching tail designs and 2) see if I could sew these detailed designs. I did upload them elsewhere for feedback and got some interesting feedback on what people would find interesting or not. So I ended up narrowing down the list from here. While natural animal designs will probably sell better if I wanted to sell tails in bulk. But in general I like these "sparkle"/rave designed critters. So some of them I'm making for myself.

Like that first one on the line up. Finished up that tail today. Underestimated how long it would take to sew and how "annoying" cutting and sewing small spots and stripes could be, but it was still fun and I'm pretty happy with how it looks. The shape could be a bit better but with my next tail I can get the shape down better. It's curved a bit much at the top but the rest of the tail looks fine.

Once I get some lime green fur, I'll end up sewing number 2 on that line up, the even more detailed tiger tail. Though considering I still have some rust, cream, white, and black fur, I might end up making tail number 9. And will the amount of yellow fur I still have, I might make one of number 6 (though I'm holding off on using too much yellow until I finish the digitigrade legs for my Kyuubimon 3/4 partial suit).

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