Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cosplay Fashion (Cyclone/Joker) Complete Design

Well first off, I gotta say that the pose is traced (as shown in the picture above). Drawing people isn't my forte, but for the most part I'm not focusing on the person. I'm just trying to get the outfit designed.

For a better view of the picture click here.

I know most fashion illustration uses really thin models but whatever. I'm not a super thin person and this outfit's for me. So I used a plus sized model. No big deal. All I did was trace her pose. All details were left to me. Normally I don't want to trace anything, but...yeah. When it comes to designing clothes, I might keep using this template or another pose if I find one I like. I want to put all the focus on drawing/designing the clothing and less on trying to make a perfect figure.

That being said...

Completed (mostly) the design for an outfit based on the Cyclone x Joker armor in Kamen Rider W. I still want to add a hat but if I want the hat (which would be a black fedora) to have a ribbon, I don't know what color it would be or how it'd look. So that's left off for now. Or maybe I'll leave it a plain black fedora. I don't know.

I'd love to get my hair styled similar to the way I drew it. Not sure I could pull that style off since my hair's shorter than that.

Initially I made the pants sort of capri like. But I think they're better longer. As for the shoes, I couldn't figure out at first how I wanted them to look. But I found a pair I could model these off of and possibly buy and then paint so they have the colors like they have here. I'm not too keen on open toe shoes, but these didn't look too bad. I knew I wanted to put some detail on the shoes that mirrored the half and half look of the shirt, so the straps on them I could possibly paint to have those details.

Maybe I could put this together for Acen next year. Shouldn't be that difficult to make. Just gotta get the materials and learn how to make a pattern. I really only want to make the scarf and shirt. The pants I could probably buy. Same with the shoes.

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