Saturday, December 18, 2010

Commission- Jolteon Sketches

Sketch sheet commission for thedeedeedee on FA.

I imagine Jolteon to be some sort of fox/jackrabbit hybrid. The stature and facial structure of a fox. The ears and partially the body type of a hare. The tail is some mix of fox and hare. Possibly with some quills (aesthetically the way the fur stands on it's tail seems like they might be quills but I doubt it).

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


No picture for this post sadly.

I decided against continuing to work on the current cover idea and will just use an older picture I made for this same project. I just can't use much more time for this when I've got much more things to work on. Not to mention I still need to fix up the sound and everything for my animation. I'll post the cover in its entirety when it's fully compiled.

Monday, December 6, 2010

"No Escape" - Progress Day 4

I'm starting to slow down in my work on this. It happens when I'm detailing fur. It looks good at first but then it sets in how much work it takes to make the fur look good. It's un-intentional, but when I start to lose interest in something, I don't want to work on it anymore. I'm at the point where I'm just forcing myself to get it done because I have to get it done. It'll look good when it's done (at least I hope so), but for now I just don't really want to work with it.

Doesn't look like I did much but I spent the majority of my time today detailing Sombra's fur instead of Yesebel. There's a little bit I did with Yesebel (blocking out her nose, adding more blood on her muzzle and starting to work on the inside of her ear). But mostly the work for today was done on Sombra's fur and thickening it up.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"No Escape" - Progress Day 3

I'm really trying to get through this.

But now I'm starting to have more tablet trouble. I tried my best to do a good amount of work today. But hand cramps and a semi-broken tablet are really starting to get to me. I have an idea about how to fix this up so only part of the picture can be used for the cover. But I'm only doing that if it's absolutely necessary. I did order a new tablet today. If I'm lucky I'll have it within the week I doubt I will but maybe I will.

I didn't work on this as long today as I did the past two days but I still think I got a good amount done.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"No Escape" - Progress Day 2

Got more done than I thought I would today. I would work more on it but I just need to step back from it for the night. I'll get back working on this tomorrow morning.

Started detailing Sombra. Most of the time was spent detailing her wound and the blood around the impact. There's no way I'm going to actually look at a real picture of a dog biting another dog. It would be too traumatizing to look at a real photo of something like this. So I'm just guessing at how the fur would look with blood mixed in as well as how her fur would bunch up around the area where she's getting bitten and where her neck and cheek is pressed up against Yesebel's.

You can see where one of Sombra's ear's is gonna be. Didn't block it out yet aside from that tiny bit of shading there.

I rarely draw Sombra from behind so working on her back markings like that is a little weird. But since she's my own character/fursona, I know how it looks even though I've never drawn her from behind.

Also more work detailing fur on Yesebel's face. The crosshatching works fine for a basic texture, but it didn't really look that great on its own so I have to go back and thicken it up and use more than one color to make it more realistic. Also just some moderately rough blocking out of her teeth since I started working on the area where she's/shi's biting Sombra.

Friday, December 3, 2010

"No Escape" - Progress Day 1

The reason I don't usually do realism or semi-realism too often is because it takes too long. But to make up for a lack of decent animation (or lack of animation in general), I can at least do what I do best which is more illustrative and preproduction work. I didn't mean to really start out getting this detailed with fur, but it just happened and I'm gonna stick with it.

So far I've only started detailing on Yesebel. I took out the sketch layer so you can't really see the distinction between Sombra and Yesebel here. It all looks like one big blob with a little bit of detailed fur on Yesebel's face.

Did a lot on this today (even though it doesn't really look like it). Gonna take a break from it and either just rest for the night or sketch up the bio pages for Sombra and Yesebel. I'll probably just rest.

"No Escape" Faux DVD cover (sketch)

Done for TAS.

Well it's not quite done yet. I'll be working on this most of the day today and am gonna try to do this some justice. I'd hope that if a parent ever saw something like this in a store they wouldn't bypass the whole "dying dog caught in a hellhound's grip" thing. Cartoons are too often though of as just things for kids. That's such a crock. I would never want some little kids watching this short film (that maybe I'll finish or maybe I won't...maybe I might just make a longer story out of it). So the cover is just showing what the film will show anyways. I'm not gonna hide anything about the violence that's in it.

The larger dog here is Yesebel the hellhound. The poor little dog she's got caught in her jaws is Sombra.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Character- Afghan Hound

Yet another unnamed character I've created. This time an Afghan Hound. Afghans have got to be one of my favorite breeds due to that luxurious coat. Also lime green is one of my favorite colors so I couldn't resist making a lime green Afghan.

The list of names is narrowed to Emerald, Jade, or Jewel. I'm leaning towards Jade or Jewel. Probably Jewel 'cause Jade is too obvious of a name for her colors.

One fine day was a woof and a purr...

Oh, CatDog...

One of the weirdest and possibly worst shows I've ever seen. But for some reason I loved it when I was little.

The characters themselves are fun to draw and I might draw them again.

Sketch- "Magic of the Smile"

Start of one picture in a 4 part series of pics based on a song called "Magic" by Rina Aiuchi. The song is in Japanese but there's four lines in the song that are completely in English (they're in the background and hard to understand but probably the more potent lines in the song in my opinion):

Magic of the Smile
Magic of the Word
Magic of the Love
Magic of the Music

"Smile" is most obviously the easiest thing to portray. I think "word" is going to be the hardest element to portray without words. I think "music" is going to be the most fun to draw. That's also my favorite part of the song.

New Character- Strawberry Ramune Soda 'Roo

Not so new...she was designed 7 months ago.

There was a whole fad going on a 7 months ago where people were designing kangaroo characters based off of different sodas. It's died down now, but I still like the character and plan on making a costume of her.

For reference, Ramune is a type of Japanese soda that comes in many different flavors. Her design is based off one type of the bottle as well as the soda itself. Her hair is based off the green "cap". The necklace is the marble that the bottle holds. I'd love to see if I could make her hair removable if I get to making a costume of her.


Or the long title, Art Card Exchange Originals.

ACEO's are 2.5x3.5 trading cards usually made using traditional media.

The ones of Kyndir (the gryphon like creature) and Wasemon (the blue horse like thing) are trades. Leoian (the tiger) and Violetta (the purple haired girl) were commissions. The rest were just drawn for fun.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Latin Vixen- Color WIP 3

Still working on the fur for this. The neck fur is pretty much done. The muzzle and hair are what really need to be worked on. It's another realism picture that I haven't touched in a long while. I want to finish this up over Christmas break though.

It's a gift picture for one of my favorite fursuit makers, LatinVixen, of her character that I suppose goes by the same name.

New Character- Unnamed Red Panda

She doesn't have a name quite yet. Lily has been suggested as a name but I don't think she looks like a Lily so I'll keep thinking of a name.

Vanimute on deviantart designed this beauty for me. I just suggested the colors black, turquoise, lime green, and hot pink and let her do her own thing with the markings. I love them.

I'm definitely going to have to make a costume of her. I just really would love to make a mask with those colors and markings.

Detective Conan Related Works of Doom!

Seriously...I draw too much stuff relating to this show.

The good thing that's come out of my obsession with this series is that I'm getting decent people drawing practice. The bad thing is that I've gotten the terrible yet brilliant idea to make canine versions of all the character (at least the main ones anyways) and of course that starts with poor Conan-kun (and by default, Shinichi).

Okay...and one of those is really just my fursona, Sombra, cosplaying as Conan. But it's related enough to Detective Conan that I figure it fits in.

And in the sketch dump, there's a few pokemon sketches. One of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Ivysaur.

Sombra Mask- Complete

Haven't uploaded anything to here in a while, but figured I might upload some stuff I've drawn up/made over the past few...months.

Well, finished up my first partial fursuit. So far I've only got a few photos of the mask. Once I find the cable for the digital camera, I'll take some photos of me wearing it. Mask, hand-paws, and tail. I took these with my webcam while I was at Midwest Furfest.

I'm pretty happy with the finished product. For a first attempt at it, it turned out much better than I thought it would be. Especially the shaving of the fur on the face. And I learned a lot of stuff about sewing and made my mistakes here so hopefully with my next one there'll be even fewer sewing mishaps.

The mask fits fairly tightly though. It's built on a balaclava base which is nice because it's comfortable. However I think I like all foam bases better and that's what my next mask is going to be built on. Plus the all foam base allows for a more sensitive moving jaw.