Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finished Commission and Tatoba WIP

Really was hoping to get that WIP image finished by the end of the day but had to do more shopping for stuff I need before I leave for LA on Sunday. Long story short...my poor mood from a few days ago ended up coming back and I'm tired. But I got a good start on it.

Anyways, first picture is a chibi commission for Grizzlybane on FurAffinity (FA). Chibis are always fun to draw 'cause...they're so adorable.

Second picture is that progress shot. It's pretty much what happened after watching way too much Kamen Rider OOO. Not gonna really get into details about what the show is about, but the "default" combination for OOO is called "Tatoba", a name created by combining together the names of the animals that the Rider armor and abilities are based off of:

"Taka" which means "hawk". Which is the head of OOO costume.

"Tora" which means "tiger". Which is the torso of OOO costume.

"Batta" which means "grasshopper". Which are the legs of OOO costume.

It was my "brilliant" idea to try to create a critter by actually combining all three of those animals as well as using the main color combination for the Tatoba combo, red, yellow, and green (as well as black). Hawk and tiger are easy to combine. Pretty much you get a wingless gryphon with that combination. Grasshopper threw it off a bit for me though. I couldn't figure out how to make the grasshopper legs completely work with the body so I modified the legs a bit more than I really wanted to in order to make it work. They're a mix of tiger and grasshopper...ish. Tiger since they're still covered in fur and are facing the direction tiger legs face. Grasshopper for the length and the feet.

If I weren't trying to mimic the set up of the OOO outfit with the critter's design, I probably could've made the anatomy a bit more fluid. But I wanted to mimic the set up of OOO costume.

Only the facial and neck markings are done so far. I've really got to blend those colors a bit more while still keeping the red, the yellow, and the green distinct. Hopefully I'll finish it...later on today (it's midnight...it's "tomorrow" already).

I gotta try my hand at animal-izing some of the other OOO combos. I definitely want to try my hand at making an animal version of my personal favorite combo, Tajador (Taka/Hawk, Kujaku/Peacock, Condor).

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