Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finished Drawings for Today

In between teaching myself random songs from Super Sentai series and Kamen Rider OOO on violin, here's two finished drawings from today. First up a Swoobat/Kokoromori, a pokemon from the Black/White series. The sketch was done over spring break. I just finally got to coloring it recently and finishing it today though. The way this creature is originally looks a bit like a puffball. And while it's cute, I wanted to make a more "realistic" form for it (while still keeping it cute of course). I don't draw bats a lot so drawing it was a bit fun. The wings can be a bit annoying to draw though.

Second picture is a commission for GhostBlackBurn on of he and his girlfriend's fursonas and little lion/wolf pups. The whole overweight character thing can be cute when it's not overdone, and this was pretty cute to draw. My favorite part of it has to be Ghost's (the lion) expression. That was the best part to draw.

I might finish up a 3rd image, a chibi commission for Grizzlybane also on FurAffinity. And if that one isn't done tonight, it'll definitely be done tomorrow.


  1. friggin amazing. always love your choice of color palettes. though swoobats tail kinda disturbs me :D haha

  2. XD

    Thanks! I...have no idea how it's tail's supposed to be drawn. I did the best with the reference pic I had. x3