Friday, June 3, 2011

Draw-a-day: Days 1 and 2

So I wanted to do my best with a "Draw a day" challenge. Just to draw something everyday. Technically this would be day 3 and due to weekend plans I probably won't get my next picture done until Sunday, but just wanted to see what I can get done in a day. And how much I can get done in a day.

Both of these are characters I "bought" using the points system on Deviantart. The picture on top is the finished product of Day 2. An unnamed Fennec Fox. I'm really partial to those markings, especially the facial markings. Maybe I could make a mask of it one day. It might be a fun challenge.

The bottom character is a Jackalope in which it's color scheme was described as "Neon Panda". As a sucker for a blue and green color scheme, I had to "buy" this guy.

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  1. Yay! These are great. I started trying to draw and upload something everyday in May. It's a really good practice, keep it up!