Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cassie Badge WIP- Flat Colors

Badge trade with Kashmere/Rimsky on FA of her fursona.

I'm really happy I got to do a trade with her and that she wanted to do one with me. I love her badges and can't wait to see how the one she's doing for me will turn out.

Just the flats for now. Hopefully I'll have the finished version done by the end of the day.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Argy Finished

Finished version for ArgaronDrakeScale on Fur Affinity.

Was gonna make the thing she's leaning on a fountain or well with lights at the bottom...then a park bench. Settled on a rock because I couldn't figure out how to draw either of those things and make them look well.

All in all I'm happy with her face, the shading could be a little cleaner overall though. ^^;

Monday, February 22, 2010

Argy WIP- Shading Progress

A bit of the progress on the shading. Just have the hair partially done. I still have to add the highlights and some deeper tones. Highlights will most likely be added in later.

Argy WIP- Lines

Yes I'm working with open ended lines. That's always very difficult. But I've also gotten the flat colors down now so doing the shading isn't going to be so difficult. I do the shading on the same layer as the colors (I separate out each color and lock the layer so I can do the shading right on the same layer as the color). The open area's gonna have a well or something like that. I'm gonna paint it it. It's going to probably be a fountain with lights on the bottom so the water/lights are going to be reflected on her underside (as well as light from the moon on her back).

'Tis a "contest" prize for someone on FA. It's taken me so long to get to it that I just figured I'd go all out with shading and everything.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Autumn Badge- Finished

After some issues with photoshop shutting down on me while working on this, I finally finished it. Really happy with how most of it turned out. The nose still makes me happy. Not only is it huge but it's shiny too. x3

Friday, February 19, 2010

Autumn Badge WIP- Flat Colors

Art trade with LolAutumn on FurAffinity.

Her fursona's incredibly derpy and always has her tongue lolling out so I couldn't pass up drawing her like this. And on her ref sheet it specifies that she has a huge nose. So of course I had to give her a huge nose.

Just have the flats done for now. Having a little difficulty with the shading so I'm starting over with it. Either that or I'll move on to working on a different picture for now. I do want to try to get through some of the shading though for now.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Commission- Absol Portrait

This gave me a good deal of trouble but I am pretty happy with how most of it turned out. The horn and the nose could stand to be a bit better. I might give another go at drawing Absol in my free time (that is if I want to draw it again) and might try to make the horn more stylized like deer antler or something like that.

Commission for Eclipsis on DA.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Latin Vixen- Color WIP 2 ("Furring")

This is going much better than I would expect. I like the shading and lighting so far. Green is a bit of a difficult color to work with for fur (it's not a natural fox's color of course) but I'm managing. Going to work on her hair and face a little bit more later as well as fill in the rest of the spots around her eyes.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Latin Vixen- Color WIP

An artist on DA gave me some advice about how I can make my realism a bit better so I'm testing out blocking out my shading and lighting before detailing the fur. So everything looks all mottled and ugly and weird now. I'm just trying to stretch the shading and lighting as much as I can...well not so much that it looks crazy and too dark and too light but trying to find that "just enough" area.

I'm not gonna mess with that anymore. Just gonna detail her fur now. Or start detailing it at least.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Skech- Fanboy

Fell in love with the series Fanboy and Chum Chum and had to draw this guy. At first I didn't think I'd like the show. It seems just...weird and silly but I watched it and really thought it was hilarious. It's got a fun chaotic style that I just love.

Will eventually paint this and try to give it that 3D style but without use of 3D modeling or rendering.

Didn't really do the series much justice here. I just couldn't capture the chaotic nature just yet but in future fan works hopefully I can do the show some justice.

Kyuubimon Cosplay Plot- Head Sketches

Some quick sketches I did during class today. Didn't have a fox ref in front of me but I did enough to just plot out how I want my next cosplay to come out.

As soon as I finish up my costumes of Sombra and Excalibur, this is going to be one of my next projects (the other being a Corded Poodle suit).

Kyuubimon has to be one of my favorite digimon. And one of the other reasons why I wanted to start making fursuits. She's gorgeous and I've never seen a costume of her. Renamon I've seen many costumes of. But Kyuubimon would prove to be a challenge indeed.

I'm gonna go for a more realistic looking suit with this one. Want to get taxidermy eyes, nose, and jaw. Wouldn't be able to see out those eyes of course but I'd put mesh in the tear ducts to see out of. Would use both faux fur and hair extensions for her mane. Might put my own spin on it and give her a more "tribal" look with braids and beading. Only a little bit.

That's what I've got for now. Other than it would be a full fursuit instead of a partial one. The 9 tails would prove to be difficult as well...that I'm sure of.

Sketch- Kouto Kooni

Owed art/gift for StranillaFennebi on Fur Affinity. I definitely fell in love with this character's design when I saw it and just had to draw it. Evil rabbit...of course I couldn't pass that up! I'll be coloring this soon. I owed her some art from when she bought me a Deviantart subscription a while back. I was going to start over on this other picture, but I couldn't pass up drawing this guy and hopefully this works too.

Sketch- Latin Vixen

This girl has to be one of the main reasons why I really wanted to try fursuit making. The costumes she makes are absolutely gorgeous, sleek, smooth, and brilliant. Doesn't matter if it's hyper-cartoony or extremely realistic. Her drawing style is really beautiful as well.

Had to draw her a little something. This is her fox character...LatinVixen. I'm not sure if she has another name. I'll eventually show this to her when I color this up. I'll probably center this sketch better in photoshop.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sombra Fursuit WIP- Foam base finished

Got all the foam work done for my Sombra fursuit. Everything's basically perfect. I trimmed the ears down a bit from these pictures. Might have to trim down one ear tip a little bit more and smooth out the foam for the division between the eyes. But pretty much this is ready for furring. Don't know how I'm gonna do her nose just yet. I'll figure it out eventually. I'm just happy this works right. The jaw movement is pretty much perfect. I can see out it (that's a...pretty important detail...still wish I could wear my glasses under this though). I wanna make a little video maybe showing the jaw movement.

Anyways, next step for this would be to buy the three colors I need and some mesh for the eyes. Found the perfect shade of red for her main fur and I just need to order that from CR's Craft's site.