Friday, July 24, 2009

Redbubble Site: 15% off on Shirts for this week

I had heard about this site before so I decided to try it out. Right now it's not much, but I'm using it to sell t-shirts, greeting cards, and prints. I have two shirt designs up right now for sell. Shirts are 15% off from now until July 30th. So if either of my designs interest you, please don't hesitate to buy them.

Buy art

And even if you aren't interested in buying anything, feel free to leave comments about the work I have up.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pokemon Portrait Book for Anime Central 2010

This is the first of hopefully many more pokemon portraits I want to create for Acen next year. I'm well aware that books don't sell well at conventions, but hopefully I can sell them outside of Acen as well. Even though I'll be sharing the images online, the versions online will have watermarks. Also I plan on putting fun little stories along with each picture in the book, not to mention a sort of "foreword" and a tutorial to how I paint fur in photoshop. So not everything in the book will be online.

So far I've got this Vulpix sketched up as well as Spheal and a partially sketched Piplup. Other pokemon I plan on including are:

Houndoom (Red morph)
Houndoom (normal)
Mightyena (Brown morph)
Mightyena (normal)

Other possibilities are:


My problem with using Suicune would be that its a legendary pokemon and due to my idea of what I want to do with this book, I don't think using a legendary pokemon would work. The others I may use. I would prefer to use pokemon that have natural colors because it will be easier to find references to color those. Arcanine may be a canine, but it's easy to find a reference for its coat colors. A tiger will definitely be used. Spheal, Piplup, and others with unnatural colors will be the tougher ones to color.

It's a lot to try to pull off by next May, but I think I can do it...granted I can just sit down and work really hard.