Saturday, November 12, 2011

CandyDog- Joy

CandyDogs are a species created by IceKrystal on Deviantart as a bit of a "mock" of the sparkle-animal phenomenon. Though, I really like unnaturally colored animals. They tend to be more interesting than naturally colored ones but that's neither here or there. Joy here's just another design to add to the CandyDog pack.

Really I'd started a design for here years ago but never finished the first one. But I wanted to revisit the design and I think I made it much better both in colors and markings but anatomically as well.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Raion! Tora! Cheetah!

Ra-Ta, Ra-Ta...RaToraTah!

2nd in the series of literal translations of the OOO combos. And probably the easiest of animals to combine since they're all felines. Plus lions and tigers have similar builds though tigers are heftier. Well...they're a tiny bit similar...Considering I could've used a liger or a tigon as a base, cheetah was the one that threw this combo off, but not by much.

I had a previous sketch I'd done of this guy but I decided to redo it and make the anatomy better. And this one turned out better than what I had previously.

Next up on the list to design is literal Tajador.