Monday, June 27, 2011

Akio WIP- Inks and "Blocking"

His hair in human form killed me! Figuratively speaking of course or else I wouldn't be writing this. While I need practice on drawing nice flowing hair that won't take forever and a day to ink purely due to it's length...and the flowing. I expect that the shading will also take quite a bit of time. But hopefully not nearly as long as actually fixing with those lines.

So far so good though. I wished I got more done on this than just this little bit here but it's better than no progress.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Akio WIP- Sketch

Progress of a request for DaggerLeonelli/Majime of her Shiba Inu character, Akio. I just wanted to draw him in both humanoid form and Shiba Inu form. 'Cause his humanoid form is very pretty. That and I don't draw people nearly enough.

Wanna see how much of this I can get done today. This is almost gonna be double the work of any of my last few pictures 'cause this is separated out into the dog Akio layers and the human Akio layers. Each part is almost gonna be like it's own separate entity in a way. I should be able to at the least get through the lines for both parts. Lines and shading always take me the longest so I'll see how much time this takes up before I get tired.

Art Trade and CatDog Chibi

First up, an art trade with Rileyy on FA of her fursona, Riley. Really I had opened up a slot for one request on Twitter to get used to drawing with my tablet since I don't have a scanner with me. But turned it into an art trade. But I ended up taking two "requests" anyways. The second one should be done today. I think what I don't like about the process of drawing directly on photoshop is the sketching. My sketches don't turn out nearly as clean but on the flipside, they get finished so much quicker.

Second is yet another CatDog drawing. Partially for tablet drawing practice, partially to not be bored. Not to fond of Dog's eyes here though...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taka! Tora! Batta!

Tatoba...Tatoba, Tatoba!

Finally finished with this. Stripes and shading gave me trouble, but yeah. Finished! Time permitting I should give some of the other medal combos a shot. Definitely the "Tajador" (Hawk, Peacock, Condor) combo. And one...lion, tiger, and cheetah...think that one was called "Ratorah" or something like that. Also definitely Pterosaur, Triceratops, Tyrannasaurus Rex (Putotyra...right?...I should really remember these combo names better...) one. But that's for later.

This has to be the most intricate character design I've ever made. And the most colorful. And I can't even claim it as a fully original character...

Tatoba WIP 2- Flat Colors Finished

Those tiger stripes are such a pain but turned out much more gorgeous than I thought they would. And really helped blending the three colors together much better than I thought it would. Red, yellow, and, green...I didn't know how well I could get them to work together, but as it is, I actually like it a lot. Granted it also reads "Jamaican" a little bit.

Just gotta add in the shading detail for the eyes and it should be done. Hopefully that'll be done in a few hours...hopefully. ^^; I'm sure it won't take as long as drawing all those stripes did.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finished Commission and Tatoba WIP

Really was hoping to get that WIP image finished by the end of the day but had to do more shopping for stuff I need before I leave for LA on Sunday. Long story poor mood from a few days ago ended up coming back and I'm tired. But I got a good start on it.

Anyways, first picture is a chibi commission for Grizzlybane on FurAffinity (FA). Chibis are always fun to draw 'cause...they're so adorable.

Second picture is that progress shot. It's pretty much what happened after watching way too much Kamen Rider OOO. Not gonna really get into details about what the show is about, but the "default" combination for OOO is called "Tatoba", a name created by combining together the names of the animals that the Rider armor and abilities are based off of:

"Taka" which means "hawk". Which is the head of OOO costume.

"Tora" which means "tiger". Which is the torso of OOO costume.

"Batta" which means "grasshopper". Which are the legs of OOO costume.

It was my "brilliant" idea to try to create a critter by actually combining all three of those animals as well as using the main color combination for the Tatoba combo, red, yellow, and green (as well as black). Hawk and tiger are easy to combine. Pretty much you get a wingless gryphon with that combination. Grasshopper threw it off a bit for me though. I couldn't figure out how to make the grasshopper legs completely work with the body so I modified the legs a bit more than I really wanted to in order to make it work. They're a mix of tiger and grasshopper...ish. Tiger since they're still covered in fur and are facing the direction tiger legs face. Grasshopper for the length and the feet.

If I weren't trying to mimic the set up of the OOO outfit with the critter's design, I probably could've made the anatomy a bit more fluid. But I wanted to mimic the set up of OOO costume.

Only the facial and neck markings are done so far. I've really got to blend those colors a bit more while still keeping the red, the yellow, and the green distinct. Hopefully I'll finish it...later on today (it's's "tomorrow" already).

I gotta try my hand at animal-izing some of the other OOO combos. I definitely want to try my hand at making an animal version of my personal favorite combo, Tajador (Taka/Hawk, Kujaku/Peacock, Condor).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Finished Drawings for Today

In between teaching myself random songs from Super Sentai series and Kamen Rider OOO on violin, here's two finished drawings from today. First up a Swoobat/Kokoromori, a pokemon from the Black/White series. The sketch was done over spring break. I just finally got to coloring it recently and finishing it today though. The way this creature is originally looks a bit like a puffball. And while it's cute, I wanted to make a more "realistic" form for it (while still keeping it cute of course). I don't draw bats a lot so drawing it was a bit fun. The wings can be a bit annoying to draw though.

Second picture is a commission for GhostBlackBurn on of he and his girlfriend's fursonas and little lion/wolf pups. The whole overweight character thing can be cute when it's not overdone, and this was pretty cute to draw. My favorite part of it has to be Ghost's (the lion) expression. That was the best part to draw.

I might finish up a 3rd image, a chibi commission for Grizzlybane also on FurAffinity. And if that one isn't done tonight, it'll definitely be done tomorrow.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Draw-a-day: Days 3 and 4

My "draw a day" challenge is kinda falling apart. Mostly on my part due to disinterest in drawing anything. Due to emotional instability...but anyways...

There should be a lot more drawings than this but still...First one is of a character I haven't drawn in a long time named Avariya. It's her smaller form which looks a bit like a Corgi/Husky mix. She's got a larger form too in which her wings are attached to her body and she looks like a very large (giant) Malamute mix. I gave her quite a bit of design/marking touch ups from the last time I drew her. Sadly I don't have that much of my old art of her...

Second is of the illusion pokemon Zorua. Not the best thing I've ever drawn...not even close. But I need to get used to not being such a perfectionist which is actually very difficult for me. Aside from the glowing eyes, I don't like this one at all.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Draw-a-day: Days 1 and 2

So I wanted to do my best with a "Draw a day" challenge. Just to draw something everyday. Technically this would be day 3 and due to weekend plans I probably won't get my next picture done until Sunday, but just wanted to see what I can get done in a day. And how much I can get done in a day.

Both of these are characters I "bought" using the points system on Deviantart. The picture on top is the finished product of Day 2. An unnamed Fennec Fox. I'm really partial to those markings, especially the facial markings. Maybe I could make a mask of it one day. It might be a fun challenge.

The bottom character is a Jackalope in which it's color scheme was described as "Neon Panda". As a sucker for a blue and green color scheme, I had to "buy" this guy.