Monday, October 24, 2011

The same, Blue! Ikenami Ryunosuke!

That title would make much more sense had I drawn ShinkenRed first...

So I figure that I could revisit my idea of drawing all 199 Super Sentai by painting 800 x 800 px. paintings. Plus I wanted to get back in the swing of painting stuff and I felt like drawing a picture of ShinkenBlue so...I did.

Did a bit of a step by step of how this got done too.

1) Sketch. It's really scratchy and even I can barely tell what's going on there. But it didn't need to be tidy since I wasn't relying on line art.

2) Flat color. Pretty self explanatory. Just laying out the basics of his helmet and what's drawn of his suit.

3) Blocking out shading and lighting. Initially I was going to use red lighting but I decided green would look better. That and I have a weakness for lime green. Just kept this part mostly loose. It doesn't need to be very details as that parts saved for the next step.

4) Detailing. Which is the last step. It's just comprised of smoothing out all the colors that were laid out in the previous step by using the color dropper tool and the paintbrush on a low opacity. And...

Voila. The finished product. I guess all I have left to say is...1 down. 198 to go.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Progress Shots- Putotyra Possessed Literal Tatoba

I wanted to draw myself an icon to use for Halloween. This ended up happening instead.

I'd wanted to draw another picture of my Literal Tatoba anyways and this picture was sitting in the back of my mind. There's a scene near the end of Kamen Rider OOO where Eiji is completely overtaken by the Putotyra (Ptera/Pterodactyl, Torikera/Triceratops, Tyranno/Tyrannosaurus) medals. In this state, he blindly changes into the Tatoba combo and instead of that combo having the bright green eyes it usually has, the eyes have turned purple as a result of the influence that Putotyra's having on him.

While I'm designing each of these literal interpretations to be its own being, perhaps the Literal Putotyra (which I still need to design) could have the ability to put others under its control. Or maybe I can just be drawing this for the heck of it. There doesn't really need to be continuity anywhere...but it's more interesting to think about.

Anyways I used a reference for the pose/expression found here.

Basically, this is all the progress done on it today. The sketch, the base layer (blocking out the colors, shading, and lighting), and then the detail layer (smoothing out everything from the base layer). I'm sure there's gonna be one more layer to add small final details that sharpen details here and there, but for the most part I'm just working with those three layers (not counting the two in the background for the border and the black).

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cosplay Fashion (Cyclone/Joker) Complete Design

Well first off, I gotta say that the pose is traced (as shown in the picture above). Drawing people isn't my forte, but for the most part I'm not focusing on the person. I'm just trying to get the outfit designed.

For a better view of the picture click here.

I know most fashion illustration uses really thin models but whatever. I'm not a super thin person and this outfit's for me. So I used a plus sized model. No big deal. All I did was trace her pose. All details were left to me. Normally I don't want to trace anything, but...yeah. When it comes to designing clothes, I might keep using this template or another pose if I find one I like. I want to put all the focus on drawing/designing the clothing and less on trying to make a perfect figure.

That being said...

Completed (mostly) the design for an outfit based on the Cyclone x Joker armor in Kamen Rider W. I still want to add a hat but if I want the hat (which would be a black fedora) to have a ribbon, I don't know what color it would be or how it'd look. So that's left off for now. Or maybe I'll leave it a plain black fedora. I don't know.

I'd love to get my hair styled similar to the way I drew it. Not sure I could pull that style off since my hair's shorter than that.

Initially I made the pants sort of capri like. But I think they're better longer. As for the shoes, I couldn't figure out at first how I wanted them to look. But I found a pair I could model these off of and possibly buy and then paint so they have the colors like they have here. I'm not too keen on open toe shoes, but these didn't look too bad. I knew I wanted to put some detail on the shoes that mirrored the half and half look of the shirt, so the straps on them I could possibly paint to have those details.

Maybe I could put this together for Acen next year. Shouldn't be that difficult to make. Just gotta get the materials and learn how to make a pattern. I really only want to make the scarf and shirt. The pants I could probably buy. Same with the shoes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

MLP Contest Entry- Complete

Final product for the shirt design. The voting doesn't start until Oct. 25 so it's a little while until people can vote on it.

All in all I like how it turned out. Though I would've liked to have captured Rainbow Dash's personality a little better. I think I drew her eye a little too big for her head. She's my favorite pony, but I don't think I did her much justice.

Pinkie Pie turned out the best I think. She the one character that emotes the strongest so it was fun to draw her. She has to be my least favorite character in the series though. She's a bit too hyper, her voice is too annoying, and her actions are a bit too over the top.

Rarity turned out better than I thought she would. I think her personality and beauty is all in her eyes so once I got them colored up, she looked ten times better.

Applejack is a bit hit or miss for me. Drawing the ponies from a front view is difficult. I'm only halfway using the series style in this. And in the show when they're shown from a front view, they end up look a bit too human due to how short their muzzles are. I got it to work, but only a little bit.

It's difficult to mess up Fluttershy. I think no matter how she's drawn, she's always so adorable. So she's very adorable still here.

Twilight Sparkle...I may have drawn her eyes too large as well, but she still turned out looking okay.

And last but not least is Spike. He was the hardest one to fit into the picture. I felt he'd either be close to Twilight or Fluttershy so I decided to put him hanging on Twilight's back. Spike is the only character that I think looks good in his original style of the show. And he's probably my second favorite character.

Once the voting opens up I'll post another entry with the image of the shirt with this picture on it and a link to where you can vote. I figure even if I don't win, at least I tried.

Friday, October 7, 2011

MLP Contest Entry- Flat Color

All the flat colors minus their cutie marks (well the ones where their cutie marks are gonna show). From that angle, Rainbow Dash's tail's a bit awkward but I think it looks okay. I still have to say that Pinkie Pie looks the best here. She's my least favorite character 'cause she's insanely annoying, but she's the one who has the best emotions to draw since she's so happy and hyper.

Tomorrow I'll probably get the rest done. Or most of it. I'll at least get some of the shading done tomorrow. I still don't know how I'm detailing the sky-ish background. Leaving it as the gradient is probably a bit...boring.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

More WIPs

Progress on a image for a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic t-shirt contest. Did my best to fit all 7 of the main characters together. I like how it looks. It's not traditional MLP style. Admittedly, I'm not a giant fan of the art style of the series, but I do like some of the character designs. Particularly Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Then again...I do like brightly colored characters. Applejack's design is wonderful too. I hope people will like it when it's all colored up and submitted. If so, that's great. If not, at least I tried. ^^;

I'm sure this design is probably null and void right now. If the class doesn't want to use it anymore then I suppose I'll keep it and then sell him off or discard him if no one else wants him. Apparently he needs to be more "funny" (whatever that means). I did sketch up a more "humorous" version of him but in all honesty, it's just really stupid. The new one I sketched up that is...I personally like him looking threatening but my opinion counts for nothing.

If anything this class has taught me I will never do art for a job unless I can go by my own rules. So probably selling cosplay parts and props at conventions or something like that. Otherwise I'll just be selfish with my art. It'll be for me and me alone...