Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sombra v.4

I felt this need to revamp Sombra's design.  I put a lot of effort into how she looked before.  And honestly there wasn't much physically that I wanted to change.  But there was something that I felt I needed to change about her to make her more interesting.

I thought at first maybe that meant I wanted to drastically change her physical appearance.  Trying to mix her with corded poodle or various other dog breeds to give her a more interesting coat type or to thin out her frame.  Debating on what colors she should be. 

In the end...I liked the colors that she had.  The cream, red, and brown.  I just wanted to rearrange them a bit.  And for good measure I added in a bit of white.  What I really wanted to change was her personality.  She wasn't an interesting character before.  I just gave her whatever personality I had on a given day.  Which for the most part (if I'm not hanging out with friends) wouldn't make for a very interesting character.  So personality wise, instead of having a personality 100% like mine, she has the personality of the sort of person I want to be rather than the one that I am.  I ended up writing and rambling on the various things I wanted to get out of this character (things that I previously didn't think about), and just worked from there.  Physically she isn't very different.  The colors are the same.  Just with the addition of the white spots and modifications on the brown markings and the split between her neck and torso markings.

This is just a temporary reference for now.  I'm working on a full one that will include how she looks like in anthropomorphic form as well as various outfits that she likes wearing. 

I think I'll keep Old Sombra around too just as a sort of juxtaposition between the person I am now and the person I want to be...something like that...if that made any sense.

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