Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fursuit Ref: Literal Tatoba

After I'm done making Biyomon, this is the next costume I'll be making.  I want to have it done in time for Midwest Furfest and granted I get everything done in time I should be able to make this one for that.  I'd hope I could have the OOO Driver by then too but not having great communication so far with the person I need to commission in order get a modified driver.

In the end I hope the leg padding won't be really awkward.  The way I planned this out, the only body padding will be on the backside and the front of the leg.  It isn't really "digitigrade padding" because he doesn't stand digitigrade unless he's running or walking...as a non-anthro,  Anthro form he stands more plantigrade.  The most similar thing I could relate it to (other than a grasshopper...who's legs are actually backwards) would probably be a kangaroo.

Anyways, had to simplify the stripes because my body is short and "stubby".  Plus to sew as many stripes as I had on the original version just...no that's not gonna work.  So less stripes but same feel to it.  That nice wavy look.  Even on the tail the stripes are simplified but I think it gives the same sort of feel and you won't mistake the character for someone else's.  Stripes are just one of those things that it's hard to keep even.  If I were to commission someone for their version of him, I'd probably just tell them that they can do whatever with his stripes so long as they keep the same basic flow of colors (especially from the yellow to the green).  But for now, this is how I'm gonna make him.

I think the hardest part other than keeping the spots even (in actuality the body suit might be the easiest part to make), would probably be the feet/legs and the head.  I need to figure out how I'm adding in those feelers.  And the "spikes" on the back of his legs.

Anyways, I still need to make a ref for his arms and that's about it.  His markings are symmetrical so I don't really need a full...everything view.  I can figure out the rest fairly easily.

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