Saturday, February 11, 2012

Biyomon Head WIPs

Spent some time today trying to fix up previous details such as the eyes and beak as well as add in more details to this.

I'd had the head shaped out for a few weeks now and hadn't touch this much because I felt a little stuck.  Especially with how to do Biyomon's largest feathers on her head.  Finally I figured out how I could do them so I tried it out.  Took a bit of pinning at first, but once I got it all in place and glued it down it actually looked decent. 

Also took some time and rounded out her cheeks.  Since she has a static jaw, I can do a lot with her expression so eventually I'm gonna go back, add in more foam and shape it so she has a bit of a smile at least.  Biyomon's such a cute character that it probably wouldn't be right if she didn't have a smile.

The beak still needs quite a bit of work anyways.  At least on the left side of it.  The right side is much smoother and looks better than the left.  But aside from that and the smile, the next part is smoothing out the top of the head, fixing parts of the eyes (still) and adding in the four other feathers.  Also still smoothing the inside of the beak and making sure the foam there is tightly glued together.

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