Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sketches n' WIP's

As we can tell...I have fun drawing literal Tatoba.  And each time I draw him he seems to get toonier.  But that's a good thing I think.  He looks really good toony.

The top WIP started out as a bit of vent art.  I was feeling (and still feel to a degree) very stressed with the change from being in college to being thrust into the real world.  So I drew my optimistic fursona (L. Tatoba) consoling Sombra.  There was something I liked about the look of the shaded characters in this flat looking universe so I saved a WIP that looked like this.  I've painted up the background a little more since then but it still needs to some more work.

Second is a plan for a future fursuit.  I knew I wanted to make a fursuit based on my literal Ratoratah design.  But I didn't want to make a male Ratoratah.  Yeah, making the mane might be fun but I wanted to make a more female version of the design for me.  So I cut the mane back into a mohawk.  Unlike most of the anthropomorphic animals that I draw, I decided I didn't want to add any body padding to this.  So she has plantigrade legs instead of digitigrade ones.  And I want to make the feet fairly small since I want the suit to be pretty form fitting.  And yes, I want that tail to be dragging on the floor like that.

I'll make a better, turn around reference for her when I get closer to starting this project.  I've got about 2 or 3 ahead of this one.  She's kinda on the back burner for other costumes (depending on what I want for the conventions I'm going to).

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