Thursday, February 9, 2012

Name Your Own Price Commission Batch

I think the "name your own price" option for commissions is decent.  It's a good way to start taking commissions.  Thought I'd set up a price range chart for what types of pictures you can get for certain prices.

1) Icon commission for Likeshine.  I've always loved her character.  Green or black...doesn't matter.  Still a really beautiful gryphon.

2) New years picture for FurrFreak.  It was the first anthropomorphic picture I'd draw in a long while and I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out.  Really love this guy's colors and the way his feathers were.

3) Badge for Aledaroth.  I still need to get this printed, laminated and mailed out to him.  I might not do too many badges until I get a good printer and laminating machine.

4) Chibi for ooSukioo.  Complete with a Nyan Cat plushie.

I need to redo the prices however for these commissions.  They will be raised in the future because for the work and time I put into these, the price is too low.

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