Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gift and Request Art: Chival and Akio

Getting back to uploading art here.  I often forget about my own art blog or rather forget to update it so I'll try to regularly keep up with it and update it with what I've done so far.

Starting with two pictures done as freebies.  One as a request started over the summer (the top one) for DaggerLeonelli of her character Akio shown two ways.  I don't do requests.  I decided to take a few over the summer and only offered over Twitter.  If I decide to do it again, they'll only be offered over twitter.  I hope people don't assume that I take requests because of that.  But I'm always free to turn them down regardless.  Besides, this was a fun albeit tough picture to draw and it turned out nice in the end.

Second was a gift for Chival on FA of her character of the same name.  I just fell in love with that design.  Especially the face and the back legs.  I just had to draw her.

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