Monday, December 6, 2010

"No Escape" - Progress Day 4

I'm starting to slow down in my work on this. It happens when I'm detailing fur. It looks good at first but then it sets in how much work it takes to make the fur look good. It's un-intentional, but when I start to lose interest in something, I don't want to work on it anymore. I'm at the point where I'm just forcing myself to get it done because I have to get it done. It'll look good when it's done (at least I hope so), but for now I just don't really want to work with it.

Doesn't look like I did much but I spent the majority of my time today detailing Sombra's fur instead of Yesebel. There's a little bit I did with Yesebel (blocking out her nose, adding more blood on her muzzle and starting to work on the inside of her ear). But mostly the work for today was done on Sombra's fur and thickening it up.

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