Saturday, December 4, 2010

"No Escape" - Progress Day 2

Got more done than I thought I would today. I would work more on it but I just need to step back from it for the night. I'll get back working on this tomorrow morning.

Started detailing Sombra. Most of the time was spent detailing her wound and the blood around the impact. There's no way I'm going to actually look at a real picture of a dog biting another dog. It would be too traumatizing to look at a real photo of something like this. So I'm just guessing at how the fur would look with blood mixed in as well as how her fur would bunch up around the area where she's getting bitten and where her neck and cheek is pressed up against Yesebel's.

You can see where one of Sombra's ear's is gonna be. Didn't block it out yet aside from that tiny bit of shading there.

I rarely draw Sombra from behind so working on her back markings like that is a little weird. But since she's my own character/fursona, I know how it looks even though I've never drawn her from behind.

Also more work detailing fur on Yesebel's face. The crosshatching works fine for a basic texture, but it didn't really look that great on its own so I have to go back and thicken it up and use more than one color to make it more realistic. Also just some moderately rough blocking out of her teeth since I started working on the area where she's/shi's biting Sombra.

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