Friday, December 3, 2010

"No Escape" Faux DVD cover (sketch)

Done for TAS.

Well it's not quite done yet. I'll be working on this most of the day today and am gonna try to do this some justice. I'd hope that if a parent ever saw something like this in a store they wouldn't bypass the whole "dying dog caught in a hellhound's grip" thing. Cartoons are too often though of as just things for kids. That's such a crock. I would never want some little kids watching this short film (that maybe I'll finish or maybe I won't...maybe I might just make a longer story out of it). So the cover is just showing what the film will show anyways. I'm not gonna hide anything about the violence that's in it.

The larger dog here is Yesebel the hellhound. The poor little dog she's got caught in her jaws is Sombra.

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