Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kyuubimon Cosplay Plot- Head Sketches

Some quick sketches I did during class today. Didn't have a fox ref in front of me but I did enough to just plot out how I want my next cosplay to come out.

As soon as I finish up my costumes of Sombra and Excalibur, this is going to be one of my next projects (the other being a Corded Poodle suit).

Kyuubimon has to be one of my favorite digimon. And one of the other reasons why I wanted to start making fursuits. She's gorgeous and I've never seen a costume of her. Renamon I've seen many costumes of. But Kyuubimon would prove to be a challenge indeed.

I'm gonna go for a more realistic looking suit with this one. Want to get taxidermy eyes, nose, and jaw. Wouldn't be able to see out those eyes of course but I'd put mesh in the tear ducts to see out of. Would use both faux fur and hair extensions for her mane. Might put my own spin on it and give her a more "tribal" look with braids and beading. Only a little bit.

That's what I've got for now. Other than it would be a full fursuit instead of a partial one. The 9 tails would prove to be difficult as well...that I'm sure of.

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