Monday, March 16, 2009


For my storyboard concept and development class's final project, we have to create a Leica reel for something we hope to turn into a full animation. I chose to create a storyboard for the song "Hero's Come Back" by +nobodyknows from Naruto Shippuuden.

These are the first two. Something to just start me off before I really get started with my final storyboards. These'll probably change a lot for the finished product. My main idea for this was to not create a full story nor animation based on the words of the song. The song's in Japanese anyways. But I wanted to create something based on the mood of it. Hero's Come Back has a pretty upbeat tempo and I always think of a battle when I hear it. That might be some of the influence from Naruto, but I think a fight sequence would go great with this. So basically there's going to be somewhat of an epic battle between my evil characters and a bunch of good characters (some that belong to me and others that do not). This is also gonna double as a gift for some people I consider friends and inspirations. Unfortunately because I think this is going to be difficult enough as it is, I don't think that I could put in everyone and everything that I would want to, but that's okay because I have some more ideas in mind that I could use.

My teacher warned that if I did make an animation out of this that I wouldn't be able to show it off (except maybe as a portfolio piece). I was aware of this, and I'm just using this as an exercise in timing and movement. I do want to make something to go along with the song CaramellDansen as an exercise in lip sync...but perhaps later.

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