Saturday, September 12, 2009

Group of WIPs

Just a few pictures I've had sitting on my computer for a while that I'm working on:

1) Vulpix Portrait

I see Vulpix either based on a Fennec Fox or a small Red Fox. This one's Fennec based and I wanted to play around with it's markings a bit so I gave it a nice face mask. But I left the colors the same so it will be recognizable as Vulpix.

2) D-Techno

This one's been sitting on my laptop for a while. I want to finish it up soon because I'm rather happy with how it's turning out. D-Techno's my blue mutt character (probably a husky mix) that I created off the song D-TechnoLife by UVERworld. Usually I draw her looking more canine, but I wanted to give her a more human-ish look here. That water gave me the most trouble. Sky gave me the second most amount of trouble. Just because the fur isn't done yet doesn't mean I had too much trouble with it...I just take forever to color fur.

3) Baby Vulpix

I haven't worked on this one in a long time either. I think I know what I want to do with the background and how I'm going to do the eyes. I gave this one a more Red Fox look as opposed to the portrait. I really like how the fur's coming along, but I am still a little stuck with what to do with the rest of it.

4) Buck Portrait

Nowhere near done with this one. Buck was definitely my favorite character in Ice Age 3 and I just had to attempt a more realistic take on him.

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