Monday, July 6, 2009

Pokemon Portrait Book for Anime Central 2010

This is the first of hopefully many more pokemon portraits I want to create for Acen next year. I'm well aware that books don't sell well at conventions, but hopefully I can sell them outside of Acen as well. Even though I'll be sharing the images online, the versions online will have watermarks. Also I plan on putting fun little stories along with each picture in the book, not to mention a sort of "foreword" and a tutorial to how I paint fur in photoshop. So not everything in the book will be online.

So far I've got this Vulpix sketched up as well as Spheal and a partially sketched Piplup. Other pokemon I plan on including are:

Houndoom (Red morph)
Houndoom (normal)
Mightyena (Brown morph)
Mightyena (normal)

Other possibilities are:


My problem with using Suicune would be that its a legendary pokemon and due to my idea of what I want to do with this book, I don't think using a legendary pokemon would work. The others I may use. I would prefer to use pokemon that have natural colors because it will be easier to find references to color those. Arcanine may be a canine, but it's easy to find a reference for its coat colors. A tiger will definitely be used. Spheal, Piplup, and others with unnatural colors will be the tougher ones to color.

It's a lot to try to pull off by next May, but I think I can do it...granted I can just sit down and work really hard.

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